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Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Less talk. More action.
Let's start something BIG.
Wichita Marriott Hotel, Wichita, KS
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Thank you to all who attended the 2014 ICT Unconference in Wichita, Kansas. The day was filled with 240 attendees, 26 sponsors, 18 exhibitors, 4 speakers and many valuable conversations. Read the full recap on the blog and stay tuned for information on the 2015 ICT Unconference.
Mission of ICT Unconference
Turning Inspiration Into Action
Exciting things are taking place in Wichita, KS. Entrepreneurs, innovators and companies are converging to build a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem. It's time for less talk and more action. Now, community leaders are coming together to create Wichita's newest entrepreneurship event, ICT Unconference. The Unconference will take place on April 22, 2014 at Wichita Marriott Hotel in Wichita.

The mission of the first annual ICT Unconference is to set Wichita's innovative and entrepreneurial scenes into motion through collisions of like-minded thinkers. This is about embracing peer-to-peer learning through the exchange of ideas. Through unexpected conversations, the unconference model allows you to grow your business, yourself and your community. At the end of the Unconference, attendees will not only leave with a strong desire to innovative, create and motivate but with a roadmap that will turn ideas into action.
Who should attend?
Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a creative innovator, a high-growth startup, a mid-size business or a giant corporation, all of us have one thing in common: We spark innovation. We generate ideas. We foster creativity. ICT Unconference will create a meaningful, creative and inspirational 'collisions' for business partners, co-founders, entrepreneurs & innovators. ICT Unconference plays off of attendees' strengths to create conversations and collisions that will grow the Wichita entrepreneurial community.
Attendees can expect to see:
What is an unconference?
Unscripted. Unexpected. You create the agenda.
An unconference is an open format conference to facilitate activity, conversations and collisions between individuals. Attendees help shape the unconference agenda the day of the unconference to include session topics they would like to participate in. Unlike any other conference format, an unconference allows all sessions to be relevant and engaging to attendees. All attendees must abide by the Unconference Rules including the Law of Two Feet (see Rule #4).
Still don't get it? Click here for more resources.
Unconference (un)Written Rules:
1. Whenever it starts is the right time. Whenever it is over, it is over.
2. The people who come are the right people.
3. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened.
4. If you are not learning or contributing, it is your responsibility to use your own two feet to find someplace where you are (The Law of Two Feet).
Collision Density
Collision density is the level of collisions (connections) made between entrepreneurs, investors and connectors in a single area. The higher an area's collision density, the more quickly and efficiently innovative development can occur.
Meet lots of people without trying to extract value from them. You don't need to connect the dots right away. But if you think about each person as a new dot on your canvas, over time, you'll see the full picture.
- Tony Hsieh,
CEO of
Let's Improve Wichita's Collision Density
Wichita has a large number of entrepreneurs, investors and innovators, but they need to be connected more frequently for innovative ideas to turn into actionable ideas. ICT unconference will allow Wichita's top innovators and entrepreneurs to come together for one day and create actionable ideas to increase Wichita's entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Collaboration in action
Pictures from the most recent ICT Unconference in Wichita, KS on April 22, 2014. View full album here
Submit your topic
Submit & view ideas
Go with the flow!
Don't stress. There's no formal agenda. Use the time & space you have to talk to one another.
What the day looks like is entirely up to you. If you have a great topic, concept, idea or question, be sure to submit it to ICT Unconference. Who knows? An entire session may be built around your idea.
Consider these session formats when submitting ideas:
Group discussion
Identify a topic while others join the discussion.
Short presentation
5 - 15 minutes of prepared material by session leader + discussion.
Make your own!
The way the unconference runs is entirely up to you'don't be afraid to create your own session type.
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Here's how to submit
Take responsibility!
If there are topics you're interested in, add them by submitting an idea.
Have an awesome idea? Submit it now!
Come to the unconference
Get tickets now
Be brave!
The more you contribute, ask, talk and discuss, the more you'll get out of it.
The agenda is created
based off your submitted ideas
Express your ideas
Express your idea on stage in 90 seconds to inspire conversations
Literally. We challenge you to push your limits, explore boundaries and express your ideas at ICT. That means in the hallways, in the breakouts and even on stage. After the Keynote Speaker, we're going to spend 15 minutes for you to express your ideas through
Idea Express:
  • Submit the topic of your choosing in advance (stay tuned for how!)
    1) Buy a ticket
    2) Create a video of your 90-second pitch (just on your phone or webcam is fine!)
    3) Send your video to

  • Receive notification the morning of ICT if you are selected

  • You have 90 seconds to pitch your need, problem, offering or idea, just as long as it facilitates collisions

  • Establish a meeting area so the attendees can meet with you for ongoing conversations
ICT Speakers
Vice President, Organizational Development and Family Business Services at Allen, Gibbs & Houlik, L.C.

Derrick Nielsen specializes in helping a wide variety of organizations with strategic and operational planning efforts, ownership and management successions, and establishing effective governance systems. Utilizing his formal mediation training and conflict management background, he helps groups improve teamwork, address underlying interests, and achieve shared goals. He works with organizations from a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, manufacturing, construction, banking, the service sector, not-for-profits, trade and industry associations, as well as holding companies with multiple business interests.

A Wichita native, Mr. Nielsen graduated from Georgetown University and Oxford University in England. Prior to advising organizations, he served on Bishop Desmond Tutu's Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa, tutored American Politics at Oxford University, and worked in the Washington office of former U.S. Rep. Dan Glickman. He also spent a year as a volunteer teacher in a rural South African high school.
Managing Partner, Think Big Partners

Herb Sih is Managing Partner and Co-founder of Think Big Partners.
Think Big Partners is an early stage, technology focused hybrid business incubator, startup accelerator and coworking space for entrepreneurs. Think Big assists entrepreneurs, helps develop community entrepreneur eco-systems and commercializes emerging technologies as a corporate innovation partner.

Prior to starting Think Big Partners, Herb was a Senior Vice President for Wachovia Securities (formerly AG Edwards) where managed an institutional investment portfolio, was a co-branch manager and assisted in investment banking opportunities.

As an active entrepreneur, Herb has started over 20 companies that have become some of Kansas City's fastest growing companies, Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000 companies and has had several successful exits. Prior to his business career, Herb was a helicopter pilot and officer in the military. Herb attended the University of Kansas and holds a Bachelor of Science degree. In his free time, Herb enjoys spending time with his wife, Melinda, and three kids Tommy, Anna-Louise and Edward.
Scott Tibbitts Keynote Speaker
Space entrepreneur and CEO, Katasi

Why Scott Tibbitts? Because he's an explorer and he knows how to build companies for other explorers.

He brought NASA an invention made of hardware store parts and suggested it be used on spacecraft. Thus he began Starsys Research Corporation. Over the next 20 years Starsys became the small space company to work for and with, building devices for more than 250 spacecraft, including the motor that recently lowered the NASA rover Curiosity to the Martian surface. Since then Starsys has created a legendary corporate culture that was responsible for more than 4000 devices flown in space with an unprecedented 100% success rate.

But Scott couldn't stop there. He went on to co-found eSpace: The Center of Space Entrepreneurship, the only congressionally funded not-for-profit organization that helps emerging space entrepreneurs realize their dreams. So whether you're ready to explore space or an entrepreneurial venture, Scott's knows what you need to hear.

"Scott Tibbitts cuts tothe heart of the entrepreneurial experience and takes his audience along forthe real-life rollercoaster ride. From the earliest "garage days" he had an unshakeable belief in his invention, through ever-increasing and precarious growth stages to a cliff-hanger climax, he shares the lessons he learned from the adventure' His life lessons touch the entrepreneur in us all, whether we are creating a business or crafting our lives."

-Sharon King, Director
Boulder Small Business Development Center

Learn more about Scott Tibbitts' keynote speech.

Steve Dickie Closing Presentation
Character Coach for the Wichita State Shockers Men's Basketball team.

He has served in Coach Gregg Marshall's program for the last three years and been an important component in seasons that have included three invitations to the NCAA tournament, two Missouri Valley Conference Championships, a trip to the Final Four and this year's record breaking run to 35 straight victories. Steve is also a Director for Nation of Coaches, a national faith based organization that encourages coaches and helps college basketball programs teach character. Steve has been featured on ESPN and written about in Sports Illustrated and several national and local publications such as the Wichita Eagle, Kansas City Star, Saint Louis Post-Dispatch and Kansas Leadership Journal.

 Originally from Southern California, Steve graduated from California State University in Fullerton. He has worked with students, adults, families and couples for over 30 years, most recently completing 18 years in Wichita, Kansas. Prior to his move to the heartland, he spent 16 years working with students in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. Steve is the author of 6 books and numerous periodicals and has been a popular speaker at conferences, conventions, churches, schools and universities.

Steve is passionate about creative leadership, discovering the simple in the abstract, exploring new ways to do old things, empowering the extraordinary out of the ordinary and helping people align their gifts and talents with purposes bigger than themselves.

Steve has been married to Linda, an ESOL teacher, for 27 years. They have one son, a college soccer player and dual-degree student athlete at Manhattan Christian College and Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.

"What's on the inside matters," Dickie says. "I believe we're transformed from the inside out."

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Wind down from the day, but don't stop the collisions! The closing party will allow you to find and connect with the people you felt made an impact in your breakout session, collaborate with other innovators and help start something big in Wichita!
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